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Thanks for visiting Climate Express Heating & Air! We’re proud to be your top choice for reliable, affordable HVAC services for your home or commercial space near New Braunfels, Texas.

At Climate Express, we have over 20 years of heating and cooling service experience, and as a local, family company, we’re committed to bringing back true customer service. Looking for professional, reliable services and solutions to improve the indoor air quality in your home or commercial space?

Climate Express can help. From UV lights to air filtration to humidity control, our HVAC team is here to help you find the best solution for your space. Ready to start breathing easier? Contact us at Climate Express Heating & Air for professional indoor air quality services near Comal County and surrounding areas.

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Reliable Solutions for Enhanced Indoor Air Quality and Healthier Environments

UV Air Purifier

UVC Coil Cleaners

AprilAire UVC Coil Cleaners kill up to 99.9%* of mold that can build up on the coil in your HVAC system, protecting you from the harmful effects of mold and other pollutants like bacteria and viruses. AprilAire UVC Coil Cleaners not only help provide you with Healthy Air but improve your HVAC system's efficiency. This means you save money by having a system that performs better for longer.

  • Breathe Healthy Air: The Aprilaire Uvc Coil Cleaner Kills Up To 99.9%* Of Mold On The Surface Of The A/C Coil
  • Easy Installation: Two Mounting Options Are Included, Making This Easy To Retrofit To Your Existing Hvac System.
  • Energy Efficiency: Improves Efficiency Of A/C Systems By Keeping Coils Free Of Biofilm
  • Chemical-Free: A Cost-Effective Solution For Chemical-Free Coil Cleaning
  • Requires Annual Replacement Of Uvc Lamp (Part Auvrpb) To Maintain Optimal Performance

Whole-House Humidifiers

AprilAire Whole-House Humidifiers balance your home's humidity to help improve sleep and dry skin, enhance productivity, and keep you protected against airborne viruses. Additionally, AprilAire Humidifiers help preserve your home and any contents susceptible to cracking and warping due to low humidity levels.

  • Humidifiers Can Help You Maintain Optimal Humidity In Your Home Which Has Been Shown To Reduce The Incidence Of Respiratory Infections And Symptoms Related To Allergies And Asthma By Minimizing The Formation Of Bacteria And Viruses.
  • Balance Your Humidity To Preserve Your Home And Protect Its Occupants From Dry Air Issues Like Static Shock And Chapped Skin.
  • Protect Your Home Preserve Your Home And Any Contents Susceptible To Damage From Changing Humidity Or Dry Conditions.
  • Onboard Control Sensor Automatically Turns On The HVAC Fan To Measure The Relative Humidity Inside The Ductwork And From All Parts Of The Home. Turns On The Humidifier Whenever The Measured Humidity Drops Below The Set Point.
  • Convenient Control To Monitor And Adjust The Humidity With A High-Contrast Digital Screen.
  • Whole-House Humidification For Ducted HVAC Systems.
  • Full Coverage For Tightly Constructed Homes Up To 5,000 Square Feet, With A Capacity Of 17 Gallons Per Day.*

Whole-House Dehumidifiers

AprilAire Dehumidifiers balance your home’s humidity by reducing mold- and mildew-causing moisture, keeping you protected against the harmful effects of allergy and asthma symptoms. AprilAire Dehumidifiers also preserve your home and any content susceptible to warping and rot and help prevent pests. For homes with crawl spaces, AprilAire Dehumidifiers help ensure the integrity of encapsulated spaces by controlling humidity from within.

  • Recognized as the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient for 2023
  • Removes Up To 100 Pints (12.5 Gallons) Of Moisture Per Day
  • Reduce Proliferation Of Airborne Viruses
  • Built To Last With Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Coils In The Usa By Aprilaire, The Leader In Indoor Air Quality Solutions
  • Helps Prevent Mold, Termites, Structural Wood Rot, And Odors
  • No Messy Water Tray To Empty And Simple To Set Up - Just Place The Hose Or Place Dehumidifier Over A Drain, Level It, Plug It In, Set The Target Humidity And You’Re Done
  • Set It And Forget It Control Automatically Starts Dehumidification When Humidity Above Target Is Sensed
Mini-Split Repair Services
 Mini-Split Repair Services
Mini-Split Repair Services
We Offer Financing

We Offer Financing

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We know your HVAC is an investment. That’s why we’re proud to offer financing so you can get affordable service and we can get you the service you need.

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Indoor Air Quality Services in New Braunfels & Surrounding Areas

At Climate Express Heating & Air, we’re proud to offer a range of indoor air quality services to help improve the air quality in your Comal County area home or commercial space, including UV light installation. UV lights are designed to kill bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms that can be present in your home's air, helping reduce the risk of illness and create an overall healthier living environment.

We also offer air filtration system installation to improve the indoor air quality in your space. Our air filters are designed to remove dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens from the air, improving air quality and reducing allergy symptoms. We understand that the needs of every space and customer are unique, which is why we offer a variety of air filters to suit different needs, and our team can help you choose the right one for your home.

In addition to UV lights and air filtration, Climate Express Heating & Air also provides installation for humidity control solutions like humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Maintaining proper humidity levels in your home is important for both comfort and health. Too much humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth, while too little humidity can cause dry skin and respiratory issues. Our team will install and maintain humidifiers and dehumidifiers to help ensure that your home's humidity levels are optimal.

Ready to get started improving your indoor air quality? Contact us at Climate Express Heating & Air for trusted, professional indoor air quality services near New Braunfels and Kyle, Texas and for a healthier and more comfortable environment.

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Indoor Air Quality F.A.Q.

What is Indoor Air Quality And Why is it Important?

Indoor air quality refers to the quality of the air inside a building or enclosed space. It is important because poor indoor air quality can have negative effects on our health and well-being. Indoor air can be polluted with various contaminants such as dust, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and even mold or bacteria. Ensuring good indoor air quality is crucial for maintaining a healthy and comfortable living or working environment.

How Can Climate Express Heating & Air Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Climate Express Heating & Air offers a range of services to improve indoor air quality. These services include air duct cleaning, air purification system installation, and HVAC maintenance.

How Often Should Indoor Air Quality Services Be Performed?

The frequency of indoor air quality services depends on various factors, including the size of the space, the number of occupants, and the presence of specific pollutants or allergens. As a general guideline, it is recommended to have your air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. However, if you notice excessive dust or debris buildup in your ducts, or if there are any signs of mold or pests, it is best to schedule a cleaning sooner.

How Can I Determine If My Indoor Air Quality Is Poor?

There are several signs that may indicate poor indoor air quality. These include frequent allergies or respiratory symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing, or difficulty breathing. You may also notice a persistent musty or unpleasant odor in your home or office. Excessive dust accumulation or visible mold growth are also warning signs. If you suspect that your indoor air quality is poor, don’t hesitate to contact us at Climate Express Heating & Air.

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